Research Collaborators


  • Marguerite Coppens, Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels
  • Isis Sturtewagen, PhD Candidate, University of Antwerp (view profile)


  • Nina Katarina Simoncic, Ph.D, Department of fashion design, University of Textile Technology Zagreb (view profile)


The Danish Research Group associated with the Danish National Foundation’s Centre for Textile Research

Junior Researchers, Danish National Foundation’s Centre for Textile Research:

University of Aarhus, Denmark



University of Helsinki:

University of Oulu:

University of Turku:

  • Liisa Lagerstam, PhD, School of History (Culture Research and Art Studies)





  • Ursula Karbacher, Textile Museum, St Gallen


Uppsala University:

Stockholm University:

The Royal Armoury:

The Nationalmuseum of Fine Arts:

  • Martin Olin, Research Curator, Research Department (view profile)

United Kingdom

Queen Mary, University of London:

  • Barbara Furlotti, Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Assistant Fashioning the Early Modern project (view profile)
  • Susan North, PhD Candidate, Queen Mary, University of London & Curator, Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Chia-hua Yeh, PhD Candidate, School of English and Drama, Queen Mary
  • Natasha Awais-Dean, PhD candidate, School of English and Drama, Queen Mary & The British Museum

University of Glasgow:

  • Emily Taylor, PhD Candidate, History of Art

University of Edinburgh:

  • Sally Tucket, PhD Candidate, Collaborative Doctoral Award scheme in collaboration with National Museums Scotland

Victoria and Albert Museum:


  • Sophie Pitman, MA Candidate and Curatorial Assistant to the Bard Graduate Center Gallery (view profile)
  • Christine E. Griffiths, MA Candidate, Bard Graduate Center (view profile)
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